The Constellations Podcast, hosted by Thurrock CVS and SAVS, is seeking submissions from composers for its launch in January! Applicants are invited to submit instrumental music to be used for the podcast’s theme and/or rotation of transitional bumpers during the podcast. The composer/s will be verbally credited at the end of each episode that the music is used, as well as on transcripts and show notes.




The overall winner will receive a £40 Vue cinema gift voucher, promotion from SAVS, TCVS & Constellations, the opportunity to be interviewed on the Constellations podcast, a certificate and a small pack of goodies from Teal & Turquoise.

Runners up will also receive promotion from SAVS, TCVS & Constellations, a certificate and a small pack of goodies from Teal & Turquoise.



Submission Requirements

  1. Please use the following themes for inspiration:- hope, space, connection.

  2. There is no set length for contributions to be. We reckon anything between 30 - 60 seconds will be ideal, but we’re happy to receive submissions of any length!

  3. Submissions will ideally be either WAV or MP3. If you would like to submit your music in another format please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  4. We may edit submissions (RE fading in/out, etc).

  5. Composers of all ages, genres/styles and career stages are encouraged to apply, but we especially want to hear from those under 25 years of age.

  6. By sending your work consent for us to use it and agree that it is not libellous and does not break any copyright laws.

  7. Maximum of 3 submissions per composer.

  8. All applicants must be living, studying or working in Thurrock or Southend.

  9. Please send all submissions to with MUSIC in the subject line. Ensure to let us know your preferred name and provide any links you would like us to use.

  10. The composer will allow the winning entry to be used by The Constellations Podcast in perpetuity, for any purpose, but they will own the copyright and be able to record and perform the music in the future.




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